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Wildwood Express - Sampler, Sequencer and Synthesizer with 16 Channels, 128 Instruments, 56 Drum and Percussion Sounds

Wildwood Express - Sampler, Sequencer and Synthesizer with 16 Channels, 128 Instruments, 56 Drum and Percussion Sounds

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Wildwood Express is a compact audio system that provides everything you need to record, play and edit your own music as well as standard MIDI files. Features include:

  1. Sampler - Record your own samples or read standard WAVE files.
  2. Sequencer - Compose on up to 16 channels with channel mute and solo.
  3. Synthesizer - Produce polyphonic audio with builtin and sampled sounds.
  4. Touch Pads - Play notes, select chord and drum patterns and strum with touch sensitive pads.
  5. Function Keys - Select octave, channel, view, menu and playback with tactile push buttons.
  6. Rotary Encoder - Navigate through song note-by-note or select menu items.
  7. Display - View notes and channels or navigate menus to select from numerous features.
  8. Multiple Views - Create and update your songs using piano roll, song or step views.
  9. Multiple Menus - Discover features and create or edit your song with 13 menus.
  10. Midi Files - Read and write to internal flash, external USB thumb drives or microSD cards.
  11. USB MIDI In - Connect a USB MIDI keyboard to use Express as a sequencer and synthesizer.
  12. USB MIDI Out - Connect Express to a computer with MIDI or DAW software to use it as a touch input device.
  13. USB Audio - Record and play USB UAC 1.0 audio streams (e.g. USB audio headset).
  14. Playlists - Create lists of songs or parts of songs to shuffle or play in sequence.
  15. Profiles - Organize settings into profiles in flash memory for easy setup of new songs.
  16. Firmware Updates - Install firmware updates over the internet for new features and bug fixes.
  17. Browser Interface - View a large version of the Express screen on your favorite browser.
  18. Pattern Generator - Play drum grooves and fills as well as chord arpeggios and strums.
  19. Demo Songs - Get started using a library of over 65 Creative Commons CC0 licensed (Public Domain) MIDI demo files.
  20. Articulation Menu - Control the amplitude, pitch, and timbre to produce more expressive sounds.
  21. Manage Samples - Set loop points, clip samples, assign to touch sensors.

Wildwood Express now includes a sampler, USB audio, an articulation menu, sample groups and a number of other new features. Here are some details:

1. The sampler lets you create, view, zoom, select and save samples, set loop points and assign samples to the touch pads on the keyboard. You can set one or more samples per channel or instrument or even multiple samples per note. The pitch of any note that doesn't have an assigned sample is adjusted automatically based on the closest note that has a sample. 

2. You can override the existing builtin samples or create totally new sample banks, and custom samples work just like the builtin samples so you can use them with the sequencer and synthesizer to create your own music.

3. You can use the new USB audio support to record samples from a USB microphone, headset or audio adapter and play samples or synthesizer output on a USB speaker, headset or audio adapter. You'll need a USB UAC1.0 compatible audio device and a USB-C to Type-A cable for the Express USB loopback configuration.

4. You can also create samples from standard WAVE files or the builtin instruments. There are some limitations on sample size and sample rate, so be sure to check the website for complete details.

5. With this release, you can now control the amplitude, pitch, and timbre of your sample to produce more expressive musical notes using the new articulation menu. You can set a variety of parameters, including Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release (ADSR) as well as vibrato, modulation effects and more.

6. You can save your new samples and articulation parameters in a sample group file and then define startup sample groups in your profiles. This makes it easy to switch between sample groups based on the kind of music you want to make.

7. Other new features include rotary encoder velocity to navigate large data sets more quickly, channel volume to highlight specific instruments, and instrument banks that allow you to group your new samples together and create multiple drum channels.

Wildwood Express includes metal touch pads, a weighted rotary encoder knob, a hand-stained hardwood base and protective rubber feet.

For videos and more information, visit Wildwood Soundworks at

In order to use Wildwood Express you will also need:

1) a plug-in USB adapter, plug-in USB hub or other plug-in USB power source to provide power
2) a USB C cable to connect the USB power source to Wildwood Express

In addition, if you want to use the device with a USB MIDI controller, a USB flash drive, or a USB UAC1.0 audio device, you will need to provide that device, as well as a USB Type A to USB C cable for the Wildwood Express USB loopback configuration.

Please note that USB battery packs do not provide a good return path for the capacitive touch sensors. If you would like to use Wildwood Express with a USB battery pack, please contact me before purchasing for complete details.

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